3 Amazing Train Trips

There are some absolutely incredible train trips to travel on around the world. Wonderful, scenic rail journeys of discovery that take you deep into the heart of the lands in which they travel.

While borders are closed and we are unable to travel as we would like to, the team at LOCO Journeys has shared 15 amazing train journeys and imagery from around the world on our Instagram page.

This short series is a few of LOCO Journeys favourites. What is your favourite train ride? Here’s an overview of three of the best.

Colombo to Badulla – Sri Lanka

This was an all-day journey your author had the pleasure of enjoying just last year, and it delivered on every level – not least in terms of converting co-travellers to the wonders of travelling by train. This was and is an amazing rail experience.

Sri Lanka

Life on board is exotic, a cultural mingling of tourists soaking up the vibe, tea plantation workers heading back from the city, families travelling to meet families, commuters heading inland from the city. This blue train is important and iconic to all its travellers.

Busy, loud and atmospheric are memories which return from my recent experience, as the train rattles and rolls through the countryside taking the climb into the hill country easily in its stride, summiting at 1,892 metres and then coasting down to the interior of the country.

Narrow clearances through cuttings and tunnels suck the noise and light into a vacuum as the train rushes along its way until bursting forth again into the intense and varied lush verdant green that so typifies this beautiful landscape. It is an absolute joy.

Sitting on the steps of the open carriage doors, you can literally breath the journey in as you watch more of the panoramic tea plantations disappear into the mountain mist as you enter yet another picture postcard valley.

A diary note says it all – “As good as it gets” – and that’s a reference to life. Living, enjoying and simply soaking in the moments. Yes, a railway journey can have this effect.

While borders are closed and we are unable to travel as we would like to, the team at LOCO Journeys is sharing some amazing train journeys and imagery from around the world. This short series is a few of LOCO Journeys favourites – what is your favourite train ride?

The Reunification Express – Vietnam

Some railways rattle through historic cities, others swoosh beside spectacular coastlines. A few have an epic history, one or two are remarkable for the colourful characters on board.

The Reunification Express in Vietnam, also known as the North-South Railway, fulfills all these criteria. South-East Asia’s best loved-loved railway, its fortunes have waxed and waned with those of the country it traverses.

Reunification Express

Travelling over a thousand miles from Hanoi in the north to Ho Chi Minh City in the south, there is no more atmospheric way to travel between Vietnam’s twin metropolises.

And there’s no better way than exploring the country by rail. This two day journey is quite amazing.

The Northern Explorer – New Zealand

The Northern Explorer is an adventurous journey through the volcanic heart of New Zealand’s North Island.

The Northern Explorer traverses the rugged centre of New Zealand and not once does this train pretend to be an alternative to flying. Instead, this rail journey is a travel experience in its own right taking just under 11 hours to reach its destination.

Linking two of the country’s most important cities, you could have breakfast in Auckland’s Viaduct Wharf, lunch alongside the volcanic peaks in Tongariro National Park, and courtesy of the Northern Exlporer, a late dinner in one of Wellington’s funky central city eateries.

Along the way, you will enjoy harbour views, urban and light industrial back-streets, inland scenery of lush farmland, native forest, mountain ranges, souring viaducts and a tussock-trimmed alpine plateau.

You can extend your trip by stopping at one of the many places along the way such as a visit to Waitomo Caves or even stay at the impressive Tongariro Chateau. And when you reach your journey’s end, you will finally appreciate the true scale and wonderful contrasts that New Zealand’s North Island offers – only known to those that have time enough to travel overland.

The Northern Explorer really is enormous fun, with great scenery and amazing engineering features.

Northern Explorer

This taste of three terrific rail trips merely scratches the surface. So please contact us if you have designs on a new destination and an amazing rail experience.

For more information on these train trips, contact us on 03 441 4735 or email hello@locojourneys.co.nz


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