About LOCO Journeys

Hello and Welcome to LOCO Journeys!

Now that you have found us, we’ll let you in on our secret; there is simply no better way to see the world than by travelling by train. 

By what other means can you capture the many flavours and faces of your destination and your journey.  How else can you travel with absolute freedom to relax? 

Travel by train and you can just be;  you just go.  There are no decisions to make, no worries to consider and no stress to carry.  Now we’ve let you in on the secret, read on and find out more about LOCO Journeys.

Introducing LOCO Journeys

LOCO Journeys was recently voted the world’s BEST Rail Holiday Specialist* and we’re proud to be able to bring together an outstanding collection of rail based journeys each of which offer an absolutely unforgettable travel experience and memories that will last you a lifetime.

Introducing the LOCO Journeys team

LOCO Journeys head office is based in the beautiful New Zealand resort town of Queenstown. It’s a terrific environment from which to run a family business with an adventurous spirit!

Kylie Burnell

Kylie Burnell

With over 20 years travel industry experience, Kylie is your first point of contact when connecting with LOCO.  As far as travelling the world is concerned, Kylie has been there and done that!  Her experience and incredible attention to detail when planning and booking your rail holiday is second to none.  Kylie is a registered New Zealand Travel Broker and looks forward to hearing from you!

Kylie’s best rail trip: A short journey, but riding the train between the 5 beautiful villages which make up the Cinque Terre, Italy. Wonderful views!

Rob Burnell

Rob Burnell

A Londoner by origin, Rob lives and breathes tourism. Having worked across all sectors of the tourism industry in places as far flung as Turkey and Goa, Rob brings a wealth of professional knowledge and personal  travel experience to the team.

Rob’s favourite rail experience: Bulawayo to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Railway’s finest journey. Arriving into Vic Falls at dawn watching the mist rise from the falls in the distance is a magical experience.

David Burnell

David is LOCO Journeys rail guru. Proud of his track-bashing pedigree, there are few railways around the world that haven’t passed David’s attention. With an outrageous passion for everything rail, David’s experience is always helpful for those tricky questions.

David’s most memorable rail journey: The Glacier Express. Is there a  better way to travel in style through the Swiss mountains?

Our Tours & Holidays

LOCO Journeys covers a broad base of travelling styles and there are options to suit everyone, whatever your desire or chosen destination.

  • Our Adventure Tours are aimed at the slightly more intrepid traveller reaching the furthest destinations and attractions using rail as the best means of local transport.
  • LOCO’s Great Rail Journeys are a bespoke collection of tours which provides you the chance to join some of the most notable rail journeys in the world.
  • For the more passionate rail aficionado, our Rail-Fan Tours meet every need of this special interest group offering rail holidays for connoisseurs operating to every continent.

10 Reasons to Book with LOCO

Still can’t be tempted? Here are ten reasons why should book with Loco Journeys;

1. We’re Specialists

We know our rail tours. With significant travel experience and countless years working in the tourism industry, our team have the knowledge and the answers.

2. Book with Confidence

LOCO Journeys is a member of NZ Travel Brokers a respected independent travel organisation underpinned by Travel Agent Association of New Zealand membership, including IATA accreditation.  There are certain hoops you have to jump through to get this accreditation so be assured, your booking is safe with us.

3. Unrivalled Tour Options

There are plenty of tour choices and a range of destinations that perhaps only Phileus Fogg could imagine.  Take your time to look at the different options and if you don’t find what you are looking for, let us know and we will still make it happen.

4. Quality Operators

The tours featured by LOCO Journeys are all sourced from reputable operators who have a long operating history, are in some shape or way independently bonded and understand excellence in customer service.  Bottom line is they are operators who we would entrust our Great Aunt Beryl to travel with. We think that says everything.

5. Exceptional Service

LOCO Journeys stakes its reputation on our service and we’re confident we will stand apart from the crowd.  Whilst other companies might try to automate your booking experience, LOCO wants to help you on a personal level. We are a small company and a people to people business.  LOCO Journeys is nimble, dynamic and we hope to surprise you with our response time. Above anything, we care about your holiday.

6. Best Price & Exclusive Offers

LOCO Journeys will always seek to deliver you the best value for your travel itinerary.  No hidden mark-ups, no commission targets to achieve, no vast overheads or flash offices and strictly no commercial incentives that are not in your best interests.  If there is a saving to be offered, we will pass it on directly to you.  Be confident that the optimum price is always in front of you.

7. Ultimate Flexibility

LOCO Journey’s Independent Tours will absolutely reflect the rail holiday you are seeking. It’s your holiday, not ours.

8. A Complete Offer

Yes, we’re rail tour specialists.  But if you want us to book your flights, hotels, car-hire, travel insurance, stopover packages, and pre/post city stays, sure, no problem, we’d love to help!  And we’ll try our best to get you a deal whilst we’re at it.

9. LOCO Journeys is Independent

And we’re proud of that independence.  We’re one of the small (but good) guys trying our best to provide a great booking service through impartial advice and deliver you, our customers (rather than a corporate hierarchy) the absolute best holiday.

10. We LOVE travelling by train too!

The team at LOCO Journeys wouldn’t be here if they weren’t passionate about travelling by rail.  So if you’re interested in one of our featured tours, the chances are the team will be as well.  They might even be able to impart some first-hand experience.  

Contact us by sending an email or give us a call to find out more +64 (0) 3 441 4735.

*In the interest of full disclosure, the vote for the world’s BEST Rail Holiday Specialist was based on our own survey, and whilst the question was indeed multi-choice, there was actually only one possible answer – LOCO Journeys. If we were totally honest, the only people eligible to vote were our team, friends, family and Tilly the dog. So slightly rigged the more pessimistic might say. Innovative we say! And it is this type of positive accolade that keeps us working to the highest standard for you, every day.