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Coastal Pacific Memories

Date: 15th October 2020

In our latest blog, LOCO Journeys Rob Burnell recalls a trip on the Coastal Pacific – one part of an epic overland journey from Auckland to Christchurch.

3 Amazing Train Trips

Date: 14th September 2020

There are some incredible train trips to travel on around the world. Wonderful, scenic rail journeys of discovery. Check out 3 of the best.

A diary note says it all – “As good as it gets”. Living, enjoying and simply soaking in the moments. Yes, a railway journey can have this effect.

Why Rail Tourism is More Important Than Ever

Date: 9th August 2020

We live in new times. When we founded LOCO Journeys, no one could have imagined the challenges the world faces today, and yet we’re certain there is hope for the future, particularly when travelling by train.

NZ’s 5 Best Destinations by Rail

Date: 26th July 2020

New Zealand is blessed with countless great rail destinations open and ready for you to explore. In fact, there’s an overflowing bounty of places to stop and soak up the local vibe.

Here’s LOCO Journeys lowdown on 5 of the best that can be reached by train.

TranzAlpine Memories

Date: 25th June 2020

In our latest blog LOCO Journeys intrepid track bashing rail-guru, David Burnell recalls a recent trip on the marvelous TranzAlpine rail journey.

“This is one of the great railway journeys of the world. And that isn’t a cliché.”

5 Things to Know About The Ghan

Date: 26th March 2020

A great many tourists have become ordinary tick-box robots travelling on auto-pilot, moving from one bucket list target to the next. The Ghan is not for them! This great Australian rail journey has to be one of the best examples of getting on the ground and travelling the land. Between Darwin and Adelaide precisely, this 2,979km train journey will allow you to see the middle of Australia unadorned.

5 Great Australian Rail Adventures

Date: 4th November 2018

With your future holiday choices in mind, LOCO Journeys has produced a short video introducing five of the best Australian rail trips you should consider enjoying.

20 Great Rail Journeys

Date: 19th June 2018

Most train journeys serve a functionary purpose and take you from A to B.  Some are fast, some are slow.  Some will traverse urban sprawl, others will take you through beautiful countryside. Then there are those great rail journeys that take their passengers to exotic landscapes and spirit you away to other worlds – ones in which glamour, elegance and the romance of rail’s golden age lives on. Here is 20 of the best.

Travelling 5 Lesser Known Rail Journeys

Date: 19th May 2018

The chances are we can all name five, possibly ten popular rail journeys that have acquired global fame and that feature highly on personal must do lists. So here’s five that you possibly haven’t heard of and maybe one day would like to try.

Riding The Ghan

Date: 28th February 2018

There is a mysterious appeal about The Ghan. Its reputation precedes it as a transcontinental rail trip of legendary status, a trip of a lifetime. But what is the journey really like as you disappear into Australia’s infamous outback, travelling from coast to coast. Read on for a deeper insight into what makes The Ghan the king of Australia train trips.

The Romance of Rail

Date: 15th February 2018

As many of us bathed in the warm fuzzy glow of Valentines Day this week, the team at LOCO Journeys thought it appropriate to reflect on the fabled romance of rail and just why travelling by train is considered romantic.

The Great Little Trains of Wales Explained

Date: 20th June 2017

The Great Little Trains of Wales offer a jolly good day out – in fact, multiple good days out. LOCO Journeys has a number of Rail-Fan tours and Classic Journeys that take in some the premier Great Little Train of Wales. Find out more here.

Trans-Mongolian Railway Memories; Mongolia to China

Date: 28th May 2017

The Trans-Mongolian railway is about as epic as any rail journey gets. At over 6,000 kilometres and at least 6 days long, some would struggle to refer to it as a rail holiday but it certainly is one hell of a a rail adventure and absolutely an experience of a lifetime. Who’s got the bucket list? Tick!

The Night Train

Date: 9th March 2017

In our unparalleled modern times, you can reach most places in less than a day by high speed train.  In days gone by, however, a night on a European sleeper train was an experience in itself. Travelling across Europe on a night train has fed many imaginative mind, including, of course Agatha Christie’s.

What’s behind the Romance of a Rail Journey?

Date: 23rd February 2017

Rail travel is infinitely enjoyable, certainly romantic, and we’re sure that when travelling to one of our incredible worldwide destinations with LOCO Journeys you will have a terrific time.  But as you gently lapse into the relaxing and agreeable monotony of listening to train wheels taking you ever closer to your destination, and whilst you gaze out and soak up the unlimited landscapes that sail past, just take a moment to acknowledge those that made your rail journey possible.

The Perfect Train Ride (almost)

Date: 15th January 2017

Enjoy this short story as told by our resident rail guru, David Burnell recounting his trip aboard the legendary Swiss mountain rail journey, the Bernina Express.

The Zen of Train Travel

Date: 15th November 2016

Most rail journeys are ones of necessity usually to and from work, often on overcrowded subways or commuter trains. These train journeys can be uncomfortable and spent staring at your shoes or if you’re unlucky, into someone’s armpit! But for some rail journeys, there are zen moments to experience.

Welcome to LOCO Journeys

Date: 25th March 2015

It’s been a hard slog, but we’re underway; LOCO Journeys has a new website, www.locojourneys.co.nz We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, but simply get it turning and open minds in how they travel the world.