The Romance of Rail

As many of us bathed in the warm fuzzy glow of Valentines Day this week, the team at LOCO Journeys thought it appropriate to reflect on the fabled romance of rail and just why travelling by train is considered romantic.

In our modern, time poor, digitally obsessed world, the option of travelling overland for multiple days when you can catch a plane does not stand out as a desirable option nor capture the romance of rail.

“You’re going to sit on a train called the Trans-Siberian Railway for how many days?” one friend commented as I departed London for St Petersburg. “The Ghan sounds great, but I can fly from Adelaide to Darwin and back in a fraction of the time” exclaimed a surprised work colleague as I was about to embark on one of my first great Australian train journeys.

So we’ve jotted down a few points for those naysayers as to why the romance of rail is alive and well on board some spectacular rail journeys all around the world.

For the Romance of Rail…

Time is on your side

We think the romance of rail travel occurs because you’re taking your time. Everything feels slower and yet you are still heading somewhere. You can also enjoy the company of your fellow passengers because you actually get the time to know a little about them.

If you’re travelling with that someone special you can enjoy quality time together, sharing the experience and maybe even hold hands as you gaze out through large picture windows.

Endless Charm

While cars and planes lost their retro charm as they became the most popular forms of mass transport, rail travel’s charm has increased.

The charm that rail journeys hold was set by Hollywood in movies such as Some like it Hot. But in real life, the creation of legendary monikers and the rail experience therein such as The Orient Express set the imagination running hot. Cocktail parties and grand piano’s set within bespoke, luxury carriages. Does it get any better?

Look at That View

Let’s face it, the view in a plane is fairly limited. Few passengers are able to look out the window and even then there’s no guarantee that you’ll see much more than cloud. The ‘scenery’ inside a plane, coach or car doesn’t really warrant a second thought.

On board your rail adventure, the romance of rail is alive as you enjoy soaking in the varied landscapes. Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada, or standing on the viewing car on the Tranz-Alpine in New Zealand, you’ll catch your breadth on the mountain air as you watch snow-capped peaks majestically reveal themselves in the distance.

Top Class Luxury

If you want to turn the romance up a notch, then there’s no better way to do that on any one of the world’s premium rail trips.  Take the sumptuous Maharajas Express in India for example.

Redefining luxury travel, you and your partner will enjoy plush private cabins, delicious food served in a choice of two iconic restaurants, deluxe furnishings plus personalised service that will leave you wanting for nothing. And we haven’t even talked about the scenery.

No Distractions

With little to care about – you’re on holiday remember –  it’s time to turn off your phone and encourage your closest companion to do likewise. With that done, you can relax into your journey confident that nothing will divert your attention from some of the world’s best views right outside your window.

The only interruptions you’re going to have is an offer to refill your glass of wine.

To receive more information about a romantic rail adventure contact LOCO Journeys. We look forward to hearing from you.



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