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26th March 2020

5 Things to Know About The Ghan

A great many tourists have become ordinary tick-box robots travelling on auto-pilot, moving from one bucket list target to the next. The Ghan is not for them! This great Australian rail journey has to be one of the best examples of getting on the ground and travelling the land. Between Darwin and Adelaide precisely, this 2,979km train journey will allow you to see the middle of Australia unadorned.

4th November 2018

5 Great Australian Rail Adventures

With your future holiday choices in mind, LOCO Journeys has produced a short video introducing five of the best Australian rail trips you should consider enjoying.

28th February 2018

Riding The Ghan

There is a mysterious appeal about The Ghan. Its reputation precedes it as a transcontinental rail trip of legendary status, a trip of a lifetime. But what is the journey really like as you disappear into Australia’s infamous outback, travelling from coast to coast. Read on for a deeper insight into what makes The Ghan the king of Australia train trips.