Rail holidays

28th May 2017

Trans-Mongolian Railway Memories; Mongolia to China

The Trans-Mongolian railway is about as epic as any rail journey gets. At over 6,000 kilometres and at least 6 days long, some would struggle to refer to it as a rail holiday but it certainly is one hell of a a rail adventure and absolutely an experience of a lifetime. Who’s got the bucket list? Tick!

9th March 2017

The Night Train

In our unparalleled modern times, you can reach most places in less than a day by high speed train.  In days gone by, however, a night on a European sleeper train was an experience in itself. Travelling across Europe on a night train has fed many imaginative mind, including, of course Agatha Christie’s.

23rd February 2017

What’s behind the Romance of a Rail Journey?

Rail travel is infinitely enjoyable, certainly romantic, and we’re sure that when travelling to one of our incredible worldwide destinations with LOCO Journeys you will have a terrific time.  But as you gently lapse into the relaxing and agreeable monotony of listening to train wheels taking you ever closer to your destination, and whilst you gaze out and soak up the unlimited landscapes that sail past, just take a moment to acknowledge those that made your rail journey possible.